Kawkawa Camp and Retreat, Hope BC- Summer Camp
Kawkawa Camp and Retreat, Hope BC - Summer Camp
Kawkawa Camp and Retreat, Hope BC - Summer Camp
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Youth Camp 4

Youth Camp 4 is designed for 9 – 12 year old campers. This camp is similar to Youth Camp 3; incorporating many of the same themes and activities but shorter as it runs from Tuesday to Friday.  The camp allows participants to learn and grow as they engage in a wide variety of activities including, archery, riflery, zip lining and tubing.  Afternoons are spent participating in a wide array of waterfront activities or hanging out with friends and cabin counselors on the lakefront beach.

Throughout the camp the speaker will captivate the minds of the campers with creative and thought provoking chapels and campfires.

  • Date: Aug 7 – Aug 10 2018
  • Speaker: Dan Sweetnam (Gump)
  • Cost: $265
  • Age: 9-12

Registration opens at 5.45pm on Aug 7.  Arrangements should be made to collect campers at 4.30pm on Aug 10.

“The youth camps at Kawkawa are so much fun! It’s always exciting to see a group of girls, who don’t know each other at the start of the week, begin to become great friends. Friendships made at camp are so special. They love to hang out together during waterfront time. Tubing is always so much fun, because it’s often something that they have never tried before. Every time I get a chance to go tubing with some of the campers it’s a blast. Laughing together and screaming to go faster.”

Robyn – Girl’s Counselor 2015

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