Kawkawa Camp and Retreat, Hope BC- Summer Camp
Kawkawa Camp and Retreat, Hope BC - Summer Camp
Kawkawa Camp and Retreat, Hope BC - Summer Camp
Kawkawa Camp and Retreat, Hope BC, Guest Groups
Youth Camp 3

The camp allows participants to learn and grow as they engage in a wide variety of activities including, archery, riflery, zip lining and tubing.  Afternoons are spent participating in a wide array of waterfront activities or hanging out with friends and cabin counselors on the lakefront beach.

Throughout the camp the speaker will captivate the minds of the campers with creative and thought provoking chapels and campfires.

For a shorter camp for the same age group you may wish to consider Youth Camp 4

  • Date: July 15 – July 20 2018
  • Speaker: Dan Sweetnam (Gump)
  • Cost: $399
  • Age: 9-12

Registration opens at 6pm on July 15.  Arrangements should be made to collect campers at 4.30pm on July 20.

“My first experience at Camp Kawkawa was actually as a camper at a youth camp over 10 years ago. I still remember the activities I got to do, like archery and plenty of arts and crafts! I loved waterfront and getting to hang out with the other campers and staff members while waiting for my turn to go tubing. And who could forget the night game! More importantly though, I remember each of my counsellors and the impact they had in helping me grow into who I am today. I have been on staff at Kawkawa for 5 years now and love youth camps because they present an opportunity to help campers grow in amazing and exciting ways, in a crazy fun environment unlike anywhere else!”

Rebecca – Co-Program Director 2015

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Kawkawa Camp and Retreat, Hope BC, Camper Parents' Handbook
Kawkawa Camp and Retreat, Hope BC, Youth Camp

I learnt lots about God and there are lots of different activities to take part in.  My favorite activity is zip lining.  I also really enjoy the waterfront which is awesome.

Sarah – Age 10