Kawkawa Camp and Retreat, Hope BC - Senior Teens
Kawkawa Camp and Retreat, Hope BC - Senior Teens
Kawkawa Camp and Retreat, Hope BC - Senior Teens
Kawkawa Camp and Retreat, Hope BC - Senior Teens
Senior Teens

Senior Teens is the last camp of the summer and at Kawkawa we like to go out with a huge bang!  In addition to the usual favorites of crazy tube rides, zip lining, archery, riflery, the traditional couch races and many others, every year we like to pull out a few surprises during this week.  Aside from the crazy games  the thought provoking chapel, camp fire and devotional times often provide a lasting challenge for many campers.  Don’t forget to bring a friend and avail of the 2 for 1 special.

  • Date: Aug 13 – Aug 18 2017
  • Speaker: John & Jen Stewart
  • Cost: $399 (Two for 1 Special)
  • Age: 14-18
“Senior Teens was probably the biggest highlight of the summer. It was really awesome to see the campers grow by their counsellors challenging them. I think the moment that really stuck out to me was when we had a testimony night for the guys and first the male staff shared their testimonies. At the end one camper asked to share his testimony which set off a chain reaction. We had about 20 guy campers after that share their testimony which was very impactful not only for the campers, but for myself and the male staff.”

Nick – Guy’s Dean 2015

Senior Teens 2 for 1 Offer

Don’t forget to make the most of our Senior Teens 2 for 1 offer.

Our Senior Teens 2 for 1 offer allows campers registering for Senior Teens Camp to invite a friend at no extra cost. When one full paying camper registers for Senior Teens they will be given the option to nominate a friend. We will then send a link to the friends email address that allows them to register for free. It is up to you to determine whether to split the cost of the one campership two ways or if you pay full price and donate the free week to your invited friend.

Can I bring a Sibling?

If you have registered as a full paying camper on our Senior Teens Camp then you are free to invite whoever you like as your free friend provided they also register for Senior Teens camp and are the appropriate age for this camp.

If I don't nominate a friend or if my friend is unable to come will I receive any discount?

The 2 for 1 offer is strictly as described.  One free place is offered to an accompanying camper when one camper registers at full price.

We have decided to share the cost of the camp is this ok?

We don’t mind how you share the payments or the discounts, all we ask is that one person makes payment either by check, online by paypal or credit card.  How you split up the payments between you and your accompanying friend is up to you.

Can the free place be deferred for a future time?

The 2 for 1 Senior Teens offer is only valid for Senior Teens camp of this year and cannot be deferred.

If you require any further information about the Senior Teens 2 for 1 offer please do not hesitate us at info@kawkawa.com

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Kawkawa Camp and Retreat, Hope BC, Camper Parents' Handbook
Kawkawa Camp and Retreat, Hope BC - Senior Teens

At Kawkawa I have learned valuable life lessons, and made lasting friendships. Camp Kawkawa is definitely my favourite place to be.

Bethany Kuhn – Camper Senior Teens 2016