Members of the Kawkawa Camp Society commit to the following…

As a member of the Kawkawa Camp Society, I am committed to:

  1. Pray for Kawkawa Camp: the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers; for Godly vision, direction, purpose and focus; for its programs, initiative and projects; for its success and progress in being a significant ministry in and for the Kingdom of God.
  2. Being a champion of Kawkawa Camp; interact with positive, optimistic attitude about Kawkawa; personally promote the ministries and initiatives of Kawkawa to personal, business, church or ministry contacts.
  3. Offer my spiritual gifts, expertise, skills, energy and time in a volunteer capacity to Kawkawa camp; leadership/administration, trades, technology, maintenance, custodial, hospitality, counseling, teaching etc
  4. The democratic process of governance: attend and contribute to business meetings, providing a vote when required, staying apprised of society issues through Board communication, keeping confidentiality when necessary.
  5. Give financially to the ministries of Kawkawa dependent on the generosity of people; capital projects, programs and operations.
  6. Pay an annual, receipt able membership fee of $10.00 (per person) each year.  To become a Kawkawa Camp Society Member, download and submit the following society membership form.