Outdoor Education Activities

  • Kayaking, Canoeing, Lake swimming, Water toys, Surf bikes
  • Archery, Riflery, Bouldering
  • Human Foosball, Gaga ball, Frisbee golf, Sports field activities
  • Forest and Mountain Trails Hiking

With many activity options available on-site we can customize a unique program schedule to help you achieve your outdoor education goals.  In addition to giving your group access to our recreational facilities we offer a variety of instructed activity options onsite.

Waterfront Activities

With over 400 feet of prime lakeside property it is understandable that the waterfront is a popular place for retreat groups.

Kawkawa Camp & Retreat has a selection of Kayaks, Canoes & Surfbikes available for use by your group throughout the duration of your stay.

Swimming sessions can be accommodated with advance notice.  We supply lifeguard/s and a small hourly premium is charged to cover lifeguard fees.  (Swimming is a seasonal activity)

A session of tubing on the lake can be arranged for your group by prior arrangement.  For further information, prices and to book please make inquiries when you make your retreat reservation.

If you don’t want to get your feet wet you can organize a game of beach volleyball on our lakeside sand court.

Alternatively you may wish to kick back a little on a beach lawn chair and enjoy the outstanding views.

Dry Land Activities

Make use of our grass sports field to organize your our team games such as soccer, bucketball or wide games.

A recent addition to our activity portfolio is our incredible lifesize human foosball arena. Don’t leave Kawkawa without giving this a go!  Up to 20 players can participate at a time taking this popular table top game to a whole new level where instead of plastic foosball players they now become the players.

You may wish to master our frisbee golf course individually or challenge each other as part of a group activity.

Challenge yourself to make it around our bouldering room without touching the ground.  The competitive animal in you will make you keep coming back until you complete the challenging course.

Don’t leave Kawkawa without engaging in a game of Gagaball.  This highly competitive variation of dodgeball in our custom made pit is a camp favorite.

For the nature enthusiasts a forest/mountain hike from our site is a must.  There are numerous options and difficulty levels of hikes starting right on site.  Regardless of which option you choose you are guaranteed beautiful views of the lakes and mountainside.  As you head off on your hike don’t forget to stop by our very own impressive 900 year old Douglas Fir tree.

Instructed Activities

Book a session of archery and/or riflery for your school group.  We have custom built facilities for both activities and will supply all equipment and instruction for your group.  For pricing and further information please inquire while making your retreat reservation or on arrival with your host.

Group Development Activities

We have a variety of initiative games, team building activities and group development activities that we can oversee with your group during your visit here.  Participate in a variety of fun and action-packed games that will encourage team participation problem solving and effective communication skills. Learn to work together as a team in solving problems and develop trust between the students.

Outdoor Education Options

The physical location of Kawkawa Camp & Retreat and the natural habitat that surrounds the site makes it an ideal location to help your school meet your Outdoor Education goals.  On the doorstep of our site there is a wide array of visual learning experiences that will tie in with your Outdoor Education Curriculum.  Kawkawa Camp & Retreat is perfect for all ages to have exposure to and interaction with so much of the beauty that British Columbia has to offer.

Some of the studies you may wish to consider during your visit are:

  • Migration of toads and their ensuing life cycle.  Each spring Kawkawa sees mass migration of Northwestern Toads take place in front of our eyes.  The transformation of tadpoles and the ensuing life cycle takes place on our beach.
  • Trees & vegetation.  The natural woodland at Kawkawa provides much scope for the study of our native trees and vegetation including western hemlock, red cedar, honeysuckle and thimbleberry. Take a short hike through the property and marvel at the 900-year-old Douglas fir towering above the rest of the forest and observe the biodiversity of the natural flora and fauna.
  • Bird watching.  The following bird species are often viewed in and around the camp: Bald Eagle, Hawk, Hummingbird, Flicker, Canadian Geese, Raven, Robin, Song Sparrow, Woodpecker, Stellers Jay, Winter Wren, Red-breasted Sapsucker, Spotted Towhee.
  • Star gazing.  For thousands of years people all over the world have been intrigued by the night sky. Make the most of our site with very little night-time light to observe the stars and planets.
Local Area Activities
  • Take a walk around Hope and view over 30 detailed and intricate woodcarvings by a local wood carver. We’ll supply a map of the carvings for a self-guided tour.
  • Take a one hour hike along our mountain forest trails or alternatively,A five minute drive, to view the Othello Quintette Tunnels, a series of five tunnels blasted through the mountainside in the early 1900s as part of the Kettle Valley Railway. Walk through the tunnels and make the most of the viewing points to observe the river below tumbling through the 300-foot deep gorge in the mountain.
  • The Hope area is full of First Nations history, and was inhabited primarily by the Sto:lo (river people) thousands of years ago.
  • Approximately 50 km north on highway 1 is Hell’s Gate Airtram, where you can board one of the only descending gondolas in North America. Descend 152 metres for a bird’s eye view of 750 million litres of water travelling through a 33 metre wide passage – one of the most treacherous points on the Fraser River. At the other side of the tram is a gold panning station, education centre and observation decks.