Ministry Staffing Policy

At Kawkawa Camp, our vision is to transform lives, build leaders, and impact the world for Christ.

Our mission is to transform, build, and impact lives in God’s creation by living in community, offering programs and services, and teaching and modeling Christ through our camp staff and facilities.

Fulfilling this vision and mission requires that our philosophical underpinnings begin with Christ-centered people, practices, and programs. This requires specific skills and abilities in our employees and volunteers, but even more than what they are required to do is the way that they are required to do it. They can only “teach and model Christ” if they are currently living a life in relationship with Him.

We believe that the key to this is that employees and volunteers need to live and act out of a genuine and growing relationship with Jesus, and that this will be evident in the actions that flow out of their lives. These evidences are identified in our Statement of Affirmation form.