New Water Trampoline at Kawkawa!

During our Junior Teens Camp we were delighted to introduce a new water toy.  On Tuesday July 19 we assembled and secured our new water trampoline complete with running track around it.  This new toy can accommodate 13 people playing simultaneously.  The trampoline replaces our old trampoline that had served us well for numerous years but was limited to 5 people playing at one time.  We anticipate our new version being an even bigger hit than its’ predecessor.



Kawkawa Future Direction and Yearly Plan

Over the last year the board of Kawkawa Camp and Retreat have been working hard to think about the future of the Camp.  In April 2016 the board developed and adopted a plan which highlights the future direction of the camp and a yearly plan.



Yearly Plan as agreed by Kawkawa Board April 2016

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Valley Kids Concert – Fundraising to Send Kids to Camp

A number of years ago a few men from the Fraser Valley had the vision of raising funds to provide kids and young people who could perhaps not afford to pay for a week of camp the opportunity gain camp scholarships.  Last year through the generous support of a few individuals and a Fundraising Concert held at Sevenoaks Alliance Church in Abbotsford enough money was raised to provide full scholarships for over 40 young people to attend Kawkawa Camp.

Once again in 2016 the same people want to continue sending kids to camp.  On Friday April 29th at 7pm in Sevenoaks Alliance Church another fundraising concert will be held.  The concert will feature performances by Father’s Daughter (Abbotsford), Keepers of the Faith (Seattle) and Blackwood Quartet (Tennessee).  A collection will be taken during the concert.  All donations received on the evening will go directly towards providing scholarships for kids.

2016 Poster


Summer Staff Reunion
with a Difference

On Saturday 2-Sunday 3 January 2016 the summer staff of 2015 gathered for their annual Christmas reunion. This weekend was awesome! Hanging out with a bunch of people that you had the opportunity to work two months with and bond with was great!  We re-enacted a murder mystery dinner where each person was assigned a character with a backstory. We had to interact and question each other some people took the game and interrogating more seriously than others (Pinkerton). It was really cool to get into character and also try to find out who did the deed. A special thanks to the Murphys, Kuhns and the Stewarts for getting everything set up and decorated!
The next day all the staff present gathered up (along with our international special guest, Timos, on live stream from Greece) and got to sing worship songs and share about our lives since camp. A few people shared what the Lord has been teaching them, how their semester has been going as well as plans for the upcoming semester.  The best part of the whole weekend is the fact that the summer staff gets to reconnect with each other. Lots of the summer staff either live far from each other or get so busy that time to regroup doesn’t happen that often. Catching up with people that you haven’t seen in a while or since camp is fulfilling and just all around great!
Larissa Peters– Girls Dean 2015