Leadership In Training (LIT)

The L.I.T. Program at Kawkawa is an exciting and intense two-week program centered upon the spiritual, character, and moral development of the individual. The first week will include learning about what makes and defines a leader; how to create and lead a devotional, personal development skills, how to effectively lead games and activities and several other seminars crucial to being a well-trained leader. The second week will be centered around putting into practice many of the tools learned in the first week. L.I.T. students will shadow a lead counselor for the week and assist in the daily program of Kawkawa. Between all the training, there will be scheduled times for waterfront activities, skills training (archery/riflery), group development activities and campfires. Limited to 15 students. Application forms available on website.

Application Step 1

To apply for the Leadership in Training program, please complete the Online Application.

Application Step 2

When your application is accepted, you’ll be informed and directed to complete the payment process.


*Please note that your payment will only be requested once you have been accepted to the LIT program.  Application alone is not a guarantee of acceptance.

** LIT members who successfully pass their program are strongly encouraged to return as Assistant Counsellors following July 13.

Is LIT For You?

Ages: 15 – 18
Cost: $399
July 1; 6pm to
July 13; 5pm

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Kawkawa Camp and Retreat, Hope BC, LIT

Growing up in a Christian environment, I thought I knew it all, but the LIT program challenged my faith and work ethic. I gained new skills and knowledge that will be useful for the rest of my life in just 2 short weeks. I entered the LIT program with doubt, and left with a family and a new way to see God.

Leah – 16 – LIT